The Vespa Scooter Guy
Our Vintage Vespas
The Vespa Scooter Guy restoration process takes these classic
beauties to a standard that you will love and cherish forever.
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The Vespa Scooter Guy
Buying a Used Vespa
Vespa Scooter Guy has offered restored classic Vespas since 1999.
Our classic Vespas are all delicately finished and ready for you to
hop on and go for a ride.
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The Vespa Scooter Guy
Restoration Process
We put our trust into the hands of some very experienced mechanics.
Our reputation starts and finishes with our Vespa Scooter Guy team.
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VESPA SCOOTER GUY is made up of a team of Vespa restoration professionals who have expertly restored Vespas for 20+ years. 

We are aware there are other sites that have copied us. We ARE NOT affiliated with any other sites, or related scooter outlets. We restore Vintage Vespas that arrived in Vietnam in the 60’s….the real thing.

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In 5 Steps

1. Choose your Vespa

It is very simple! Choose one of our available stock Vespas or make a custom one. Read more information about the selection of your Vespa here.

2. Add accessories

Perfect your Vespa by adding some special accessories. Get more information about accessories here.

3. Checkout

We support PayPal throughout the world and within EU also wire transfer. All the PayPal payments are protected by PayPal's buyer protection policy. Info here.

4. Restoration

Restoration of your Vespa usually takes about 2-3 weeks and throughout we will keep you informed on progress. You can find details about restoration here.

5. Shipment

Your restored Vespa will be shipped to your specified warehouse. See all the details of shipping procedure here.

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